Our projects

The National Society for American Indian Elderly, or NSAIE, exists to improve the quality of life for elderly Native Americans. Supporting us is one way to support our elders in every tribe. We will be selling our cookbook online soon, which is just one way to raise money for our various projects. There are three main projects we are involved in. Here is a basic synopsis of them.

Affordable housing on Reservations

We believe meeting the physical needs of elderly Native Americans should be a top priority.  Most elderly people want to have some freedom and to live out their lives in peace. One way of doing this is to make sure they can afford housing that is friendly to their needs, such as being easily accessible and allowing for some freedom and mobility. We want to provide a way for them to live, and have some freedom, and avoid being put in a nursing home.

Cultural digital preservation

An item very important to elderly Native Americans, and one that should be important to all of us, is the preservation of our culture. The digital age has made it possible to record and preserve stories and history easier than ever.  This project makes equipment and training available so elderly citizens can preserve their history. With digital registries, we can preserve photographs, as well as music and oral traditions that are so important to all of us. Much has been lost over the centuries, and we are committed to preserving what is left.

Tribal communications

While we are all members of different tribes, we are still all one people and we need to preserve our culture. Our “Peace through Understanding, Health through Heart,” initiative helps in this regard. Improving communications between tribes is essential to everyone’s well-being. The more we can communicate, the more we can be connected. While we may maintain our cultural heritage and our tribal identity, we still need to be connected and work together as much as possible. As we get more connected and have more communication, that will benefit all of us. This is also something we for a project in Thailand that brought a group of colleagues and friends closer to each other, คํารีวิวสล็อต is a platform where you can find and play different casino games and reviewing slots together helped a lot in bringing everyone closer!