OnlineGokkenGids and NSAIE

OnlineGokkenGids and NSAIE collab

The National Society for American Indian Elderly believes we should take care of the elderly, especially the ones in need. The main focus of the NSAI is to maintain the culture and history of the American Indian, but there are so many more things that we do. We are aware that elderly people are suffering from loneliness. Not only do they are in need of social activities, they also need help in their daily routines. A lot of elderly people are blessed with children and grandchildren who are able to take care of them, but unfortunately this is not always the case. The goal of NSAIE is to take care of the people who can’t take care of themselves and in order to do that, we provide different services on a daily basis.

Home delivered meals

NSAIE collaborates with two different companies to be able to deliver delicious meals at home. The company Elderly Foodies is a catering organisation who is specialized in preparing healthy vegan meals. Together with the food bank, they are deciding what meals will be prepared every day. The delivery company called Fast Track is responsible for all the deliveries at the homes of the elderly. From healthy juices to healing meals with a variety of vegetables; everyday is surprise!

Health services

We also collaborate with doctors and nurses from all over the country. They are each specialists in nursing elderly people. Diabetes for example, is the most common disease in our country and treating this disease is also very important. The medical staff is divided over different districts and are responsible for their own patients. In case of emergency, the elderly people can contact our medical center 24 hours a day.

Social activities

We would like to be surrounded by happy people, just like anyone else. Happy people needed to be surrounded by other happy people to maintain the positive energy. Some elderly people are all alone and mostly forgotten by their own family. Most of the time, they aren’t capable of traveling by themselves. This will cause an isolation for many of of them and is keeping the people in their own home. NSAI often organizes social activities such as bingos, playing casino games and even diners. Together with Onlinegokkengids we often organize a casino marathon, especially for the elderly. They can play Blackjack, Poker and even slotmachines. NSAIE and onlinegokkengids also arranges transport to different locations, so we make sure that the elderly people will be picked up and will be arriving safely.

Home support services

NSAIE provides home support services such as cleaning, reparations and technical support services. We can offer this on a daily or weekly basis. We make sure that the elderly will always be surrounded in a loving and clean home! Every home is included with a special NSAIE button and after pressing this button we immediately reach out to that particular home. In that way, we can make sure that the elderly will feel safe and secured. In cause of emergency, this button will be the fastest way to reach out to the NSAIE.