How Our Sponsor RankChecker Boosted Our Google Rankings

What Do We Do At NSAIE? 

The National Society for American Indian Elderly(NSAIE)  is functioning to benefit elderly native Americans from all tribes. We have a motto that propagates the message of peace, love, and understanding. 

We strive to improve the quality of life of elder native Americans. Several surveys state that about a fourth of native Americans are living on or below the poverty line. Only about five percent receive services that are crucial for living life.

Other than alleviating the life standard of people we also strive to conserve the history of native Americans which holds a crucial place in the lives of Native Americans. We believe that preserving the legacy is also an important step toward peace. 

Our team worked hard and promising results started to come our way. It is difficult for websites like ours to get encouraging results and donations. Many sponsors helped us to get here and recently website rank checker has helped to boost our google ranking. 

What Is a Rank Checker? 

Keyword rank checker is a free Google tool that lets you check the position of your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

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How RankChecker Team Helped Us 

Our motto “Peace Through Understanding, Health Through Heart” got to more users with the help of the rank checker team. It is quite difficult for organizational websites like us to rank higher in Google results. But all compliments for the rank checker team that not only gave an account of our current rankings but provided ideas on what to do.

We learned that just being like another foundation won’t get us anywhere and things will not go the way we want. And this is where our sponsor came to support us and assisted us to get to our goals. 

As a matter of fact, native Americans have survived racial issues, interracial relations always has been a complex issue that has not been addressed completely. We came to nurture interracial peace and preserve history.

This difficult task became an easy one once we started to put out information about the queries put out by Google users. Use of proper keywords and being the first platform to answer the queries we started to get on top. We started analyzing important metrics like clicks, search volume, and difficulty to boost our stature. 

The use of keywords that others were missing proved helpful in bringing more users to our cause. On-page and off-page SEO brought value to our website. And during this process, the RC team was there to guide us. 

Crux Of Matter 

Tracking your rankings is vital to enhance your website working. Keeping track of your activities and rankings will help to make smarter decisions. Embrace the process and you will succeed!