Gokkasten BV and NSAIE

We are very pleased to announce our latest sponsor. Gokkasten BV is the leading Dutch slot developer that offers games like Nickel Pickle, about animated pickles with a mindblowing bonus round and, their show stopper, Random Rally, with some famous names from real Rally’s and real footage. If you don’t know them, they are definitely worth the try. And we are not just saying it, as these games have won several awards. That is what caused Gokkasten BV to be a highly regarded name in the industry. Along with other big slot providers like NetEnt and Microgaming.

Giving back to society

It’s no secret that companies that operate within iGaming are considered to be pariahs by some people. They believe that these companies live off other peoples’ misery and try to get as many people addicted to gambling as possible. But it’s quite the opposite. Casino games are made to be enjoyed and Gokkasten BV only offers their games to casinos that try their best to help combat gambling addiction. They have to have a Responsible Gaming department and really be keen to help people that reach out with problems. To make sure that everyone becomes aware of its good intentions, Gokkasten BV decided it was time to do more. It wanted to start giving back to society.

How NSAIE fits in

Gokkasten BV has already been donating money to rehab facilities for problem gamblers and will continue to do so. But it was time to look further than only the gambling world. This company is very successful and can benefit more than one cause. When an employee started dating a woman with a native American mother, he came in touch with NSAIE. It intrigued him so much, that the next Monday at work, he told all his colleagues about this organisation. Luckily, the director just walked by as he was talking and became just as intrigued. He contacted our organization and the rest is history. Or better yet, the sponsorship is the future.


The director of Gokkasten BV upon toasting our collaboration joked that he wanted as many people as he could to try his slot machines. Of course, this was just a joke, but it showed a part of his intentions. As many elderly native Americans have children that have turned their backs on their culture and try to fit in with other Americans, they can live lonely lives. Especially when they are in an elderly home and their children live far away. This prevents them from having many visitors as most of their friends and siblings have often died as well. Something that could help with that is if that learned how to use a computer or tablet. Even if it was just to be able to use Skype. And obviously not to play slot machines. What company would be better to help with this than an internet-based slot machine provider?

First steps

At first, Gokkasten BV donated an iPad to every member of NSAIE, because these are very intuitive devices and easy to start with. As a little extra, every one of the iPads had a free version of one of Gokkasten BV’s slot machines to try out. However, access to casino websites was locked as the members of NSAIE don’t have any money to spend on gambling. After a while, we noticed that people, because of their lack of knowledge about modern-day technology, didn’t even look at these devices. We decided that they needed lessons on how to use them. When we told Gokkasten BV, they immediately arranged for two tutors to give two-hour lessons twice a week. You cannot imagine the difference this made. After a few months, most members were already able to contact their family members through Skype by themselves and a few of them had even created their own email addresses.

Since 2015

This all took place in 2015 and Gokkasten BV has been sponsoring us very successfully ever since. Thanks to this iGaming company, we have seen many of our members light up. It’s incredible how much difference a little more contact with loved ones can make. And we hope to make these nice people even happier in the future. With the help of our great sponsor of course.