Cookbook being prepared

We are currently preparing a cookbook that will preserve Native American legacy by recording and keeping recipes of traditional meals our people have eaten for centuries. Traditional recipes are great, but they can also be new ones that you or your family have created. The point is to preserve our heritage through producing a book that will preserve this part of our history, and it will be a fun way to learn about how to prepare foods in a way you may no have though of in the past.

The cookbook will feature traditional recipes from elders of many different tribes. It will preserve our legacy, and can be educational even for our own people as we learn about recipes from other tribes. As people experience these, new recipes could be developed as people combine them with their own traditions.

There are probably many recipes you know of, that come from your tribe, or from your own individual family. Maybe you even have something you have created yourself that others might enjoy. These can be traditional recipes for Buffalo, Venison and other animals that were once hunted across our territories. There are also recipes for special foods our ancestors ate on special occasions or during special ceremonies that were held in more traditional times.

This could also spark some interesting conversations with elderly Native Americans, and they might enjoy sharing their knowledge of old ways from earlier times. Talk to the elderly people you know and find out if they have a recipe to share that can be included in our cookbook.

Please send in your recipes soon as we would like to get the book done in the near future.  The recipe book will be sold, and profits will go to support programs that will help the elderly living on reservations.  This is just one of several projects we have in order to raise money for the various programs we offer to elderly Native Americans around the nation, and especially those living on reservations.

Note the deadline is coming up, so get your recipes ready to send in. The cookbook will be of interest to anyone interested in traditional Native American foods. It will also provide a good history of many people from different tribes. The cookbook could add to the understanding between peoples, and we believe that is always a good thing.