Casumo Casino Organizes a Bingo Event for elderly

Part of the role of NSAIE is to organize events so that elderly American Indians can come together, have fun, and benefit from companionship. In recent months, we organized a successful event with Casumo Casino – a day packed full of bingo and other fun casino games.

This event proved a huge success and we aim to organize future days with the help of important sponsors like the popular gambling platform Casumo Casino. Read on to find out more about this brilliant day, and what it meant for the NSAIE.

Working with Casumo to create a fun event

We have had a long relationship with the casino industry. Indeed, many physical casino venues can be found in reservation territory. As a result, it was relatively easy to reach out to a company like Casumo Casino and get them on board with this event.

We wanted to create something that everyone could easily take part in – therefore we settled on bingo. Casumo Casino of course has brilliant bingo rooms slots and casino games, so they were happy to oblige.

We also wanted an event that they could take part in regardless of location – therefore we used Casumo’s bingo services to create huge bingo rooms specifically made for the NSAIE members. It was a tough project, but with help from Casumo Casino it was possible!

Casumo Casino Bingo, games, prize, and more – the perfect day

As mentioned, we setup a range of bingo rooms specifically for NSAIE members – these were password protected and we sent invitations out to the various reservations. They would join together in common areas where they could access the bingo rooms through Casumo Casino!

It worked fantastically – there was a host of fun games ranging from quick-fire 52-ball rounds, through to longer 90-ball rounds. I addition to this, Casumo allowed the users to access the bingo and slot rooms for free. They also provided some brilliant prizes including cash and Free Spins.

All in all, it was a brilliant day. The bingo proved a huge success, but it also gave NSAIE members a chance to have some fun, and come together to share the experience.

casumo casino bingo event

Future events look promising!

Due to the amazing success of this event, we are already looking to host more. We have set several days in the future – one of which Casumo Casino has sponsored again. If the success continues, we intend to look at other similar events.

We wholeheartedly believe that older generations are vital to the continued development of Native American reservations – this is why we continue to push events like this, and look at ways we can give something back.

Casumo Casino

To finish we would like to say a huge thank you to Casumo Casino. Without their donations and support, this would not have been possible! They are one of the most popular online casinos and have a brilliant platform that we were lucky enough to use. Casumo offers a wide range of videoslots, casino games and table games. Furthermore, you can now grab your welcome offer of 60 Free spins after your first deposit. When you visit Casumo, the first thing that you will notice is their easy and excellent design. The website of Casumo is very mobile friendly and is super easy ta navigate.

If you want to show your support for Casumo Casino – why not register an account and check out their online casino for yourself? This gambling platform offers the best support through email, phone and live chat.

We hope that we can work with them again in the future and look forward to more exciting bingo events! Other than Bingo events there are also casinos in Thailand that offer bingo and other casino games. For example Happy Luke is one of the biggest online casinos.