The National Society for American Indian Elderly

Peace through Understanding, Health through Heart

The National Society for American Indian Elderly, or NSAIE, is here to help elderly Native Americans of all tribes. Our motto is “Peace through Understanding, Health through Heart.”

For centuries Native American people have been oppressed and have struggled to keep the legacy of various peoples alive in the memories of younger people. This is where elderly people can help, by passing down stories as well as an understanding of the heart of Native American peoples.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for elderly Native Americans. We do this through helping various service organizations to improve the quality of life of all our people.  Statistics show that about a fourth of Native American elderly people are at or below the poverty level, and only about five percent actually receive services they could receive.

While we offer services to those off and on the reservation, we are particularly interested in preserving the legacy of those living on reservations. Preserving history has always been important to Native American peoples, and the pressure to remove it is there today as it has been in the past. Preserving our history is one of our key goals in all that we do, and we believe this will help insure the legacy of Naive American peoples will continue.

We do not only preserve history. We also recognize that elderly people have physical needs, and we want to meet those material needs in the best way we can. Programs we support include group and home delivered meals, transportation, health services, educational and social activities, informational and general in home support services. We want to help take care of the hearts of elderly Native Americans, and this includes the physical heart as well as the heart or soul that lives inside us all.

We have recently organized a Blackjack tournament and fun Bingo Event that was mainly sponsored by Casumo Casino. These events give the elderly the opportunity to socialize and connects with friends and family. This is the type of event we hope to continue doing the upcoming years.

We also would like to thank our Dutch partner and our Thai partners who are always ready for organizing events with us. All of us at NSAIE are very grateful for the support and we hope that more sponsors will be joining us in the future. We also have an interesting case study in HappyLuke Thailand regarding seniors’ loneliness problems.